Vortex Vent

Take control of your air!

The Vortex Vent replaces your air vent easily, making directing airflow a breeze.

Turn the direction with ease
Point in any 360 directions


On a hot night lying in bed, the AC turned on and the flow of air was only able to be felt on our feet, making the rest of our bodies hot and bothered.
That was when I came up with the idea for the Vortex Vent, because being able to point each vent in any desired direction would be a game changer.

Round vent design

Change the direction with ease

2 Standard sizes

Big & small

Aesthetically pleasing

Looks as good as it works

If you have any questions,
don't hesitate to ask?

But I won't tell your where the easter egg is!

Chris Wilton

Inventor | Vortex Vent

Vents in action

Vortex Vents in action

Install in 30 seconds

Installing the vents is very simple.


  1. Remove each vent by pushing it into the duct and pulling it out on an angle, or punch the old ones out because of all the anger they have caused you over the years.

  2. Then gently take a new Vortex Vent, angle it through into the duct, place it delicately into its new home where it will stay for the rest of its days.

Vortex Vent Large (175mm)


Vortex Vent Small (135mm)


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What size vent do I need?
Large vents are 175mm - Small vents are 135mm
How do I find out what size my vents are?
Should have records in the national archives or a measuring tape
Do they come in packs of 4?
Four sure

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